What To Prepare For Hello Neighbor Alpha 1?

Game hello neighbor alpha 1 download is favorable among the horror game enthusiasts. It goes around the suspicious neighbor who hides chilling secret in his basement. During playing the game, you will be invited to explore the house with locked rooms and bolted doors. You will also find surprises that you may not expect will be there to greet you.

Detailed System Requirements

To enjoy all those excitement, the developer puts specific system requirements. You need to make sure that your PC has all those specifications. The following are the system requirements you need to know.

  • Operating System

First thing first, you must have installed at least Windows7 64-bit and up. The latest Windows version will work better for the game. If you have Windows8 installed in your system, it will better. You may need to play it in the lowest graphics display with the presence of DirectX12.

  • Processors

Secondly, your PC should have at least i5 Intel processor. Otherwise, you may use another processor that covers the ability of core i5. A better processor such as core i7 or equal will be better to support the hello neighbor alpha 1 download.

  • Memory and Storage

Another requirement will ask you to provide at least 6 GB RAM. Besides, you need at least 2 GB free disk system space. This amount of storage will give enough room for the program to run smoothly.

  • Graphics Card

The most importantly, to get crystal clear display, you must install an additional graphics card in your PC. VGA card such as GeForce GTX770 series or up will help the game run well.

Those are the main system requirements you need to have an install on your PC. There is also some other specification that can help it work optimally. The stereo sound card is needed to enhance the game’s sound effect. At last, you can get the game for free in

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Getting Government Job in Malaysia Tips

Have you done your school? Then, you should get a job now! Wait, do you want to get job Malaysia in government? Well, you should know the tips first. It will help you get the best job even in government jobs. Even though Malaysia is not your own country; maybe you will be able to work over there. See the tips here.

Tips How to Get Government Job in Malaysia

There are so many job vacancies in your own country or in Malaysia. Then, if you want to work in Malaysia; you should know the best source of job vacancies first. It will make you find the best and right job because there is so many fake information about it as well.

Finding job vacancies and get the job is not easy. However, you should know that it is not impossible. If you have a dream; you should try to get your job as well as you could. By the way, if you want to work in Malaysia or job Malaysia; you could see the tips below:

  1. Get the best and trusted source of job vacancies in Malaysia. This is the most important thing to do. Therefore, you will not get any trouble or get fake information.
  2. You should know the rules to work in the Malaysian government. Maybe it is not the same as your country.
  3. Make sure you have a skill that will help you get the job.

So, it is so easy to get the trusted job vacancies but not the job. Getting a better job will depend on your own experiences and skill. It is not impossible if you want to work in Malaysia. Then, what is the trusted source?

Well, you may try to visit this website page: job Malaysia. Thus, that is all the tips for you. You will find an easy way to see the best job vacancies in Malaysia through that website page. Good luck.

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Installing Printer Driver Online

The printer driver is needed if you want to use your printer. Each printer needs printer driver. Therefore, you need to download printer driver online. You can go to the website that provides driver printer which is compatible with your printer and operating system. If you download the wrong one, then you can use your printer.

Why is Download Printer Driver Online Important?

As we said before, you can’t use your printer without a printer driver. This device is a like a bridge to your printer and your PC. If you download printer driver online, you can send a command from your PC to your printer. Thus, you can use the printer to print your file.

Once you download the driver, all you have to do is just install it. First, you need to connect your printer to your PC first. Once it is connected, you need to click the ‘Control Panel’. After that, there will be many options, you need to choose Fax or Printers icon, double-click it. A new window will open and choose the printer icon to add the printer.

There will be wizarded installation after that. You just have to click OK or Next to start the installation process. In this step, you need to choose between installing a network or local printer. If you connect your printer to your PC, it means that it is a local printer that attaches to your PC. Choose ‘Next’ then.

Browse your PC to find the location of the driver. Point it to the printer so you can test it. Once the installation process has finished, you can use the printer to check whether the printer driver is work or not. If you follow the steps correctly, there will be no problem in installing it. If there is a problem, maybe you have to download printer driver online again because maybe you download the wrong one. Good luck!

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Three ASUS Gaming Laptops with an Affordable Price

When it comes to you to get the best of the best gaming laptop under 1500, maybe you will get the best from ASUS. This laptop manufacturer is giving you the best features and sophisticated look for its simple design. There are some products from ASUS that will give you the perfect combo for improving the best look and also its functions. Therefore, you can get some things which will be suitable for you as the gaming solution. In this case, you can choose some gaming laptops that are released by ASUS for your gaming needs.

The Best Gaming Laptops from ASUS

ASUS is popular due to its complete features for the devices and also the affordable price. In this case, the laptop will be one of the best looks in your gaming experience. So, to know the best gaming laptop under 1500, we provide the list of three best ASUS gaming laptops for you.

  1. ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS is the first gaming laptop we’ll discuss. This laptop is great and suitable for you who love playing games with real experience. The 2.8 GHz processor is perfect and you can also get the performance from its best look with its heavy task. You can get the clarity when playing with it.
  2. ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD is also the laptop from ASUS with the price under 1500. This is a great laptop with Intel Core i7-770 HQ that will make you feel so great when playing them. There are two modes of its memories, which are the SDD and SSD modes.
  3. ASUS ROG GL752 is also one of the best gaming laptops you can expect at the market. This laptop is designed as a sleek laptop with strength and unique design. Of course, you will fall in love instantly with this device.

Those things are the one which will be suitable for any gamer. Choosing the best gear for playing the games will make you feel even more comfortable. So, you can choose the joygaminglaptop.

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New Experiences In Watching TV Shows Here

What are your favorite channel and TV shows? Have you ever skip it when you are too busy with your activities? You should get mobdro Apk now to get new and interesting experiences in watching TV shows! You will not need to skip your favorite TV show anymore. It is so good to have all your favorite movies and TV shows in one application too, right?

The Best Experiences You Will Get From Mobdro Application Are Here

How many times do you skip your favorite TV shows because of work or school? You are confused with the story because you do not watch the latest episode? Oh come on, you can leave your TV now and get the application to watch the latest episode before the new one today.

Mobdro Apk is one of the best application to watch movies, TV shows, and videos online or streaming. Well, maybe you have found the other application before but this Apk is different from it. You will get more pros than cons in this application. Here are the best experiences from this Mobdro:

  1. You will see the options by the channel, not the title of the TV shows or the movies. It will contain more videos and episodes than you can imagine.
  2. You will be able to bookmark and watch later the favorite videos you found. It will ease you to watch it in other time.
  3. You also will be able to share the videos with your friends from the application. You do not need to download it first from a different place.

So, do you want to watch the TV shows now? Or maybe you want to see the latest trend videos and share them? Go get this mobdro and visit this website page: mobdro Apk. Thus, that is all the information for you. Hope you will enjoy the videos there!

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Health Guide

Feeling Anxious? Let’s Do This!

When you feel anxious it’s like a hell. You will feel panic, can’t breathe, and stress. This illness is a common mental health disorder. Although it is common, you need to treat your anxiety seriously and as fast as possible before it’s too late. In the United States, there is not the only adult who suffer from anxiety but teenager as well. This is why anxiety can be terrible. It just attacks anyone

Treating Anxiety Naturally

An anxiety attack can be annoying and stressful. Therefore, whenever you feel anxious, you need to do these things below.

  1. Drink chamomile tea

Whenever you feel anxious, a cup of warm chamomile tea can make your day. Chamomile is rich in luteolin and apigenin. Those two properties can promote calming and relaxing effect on your body. There is a study conduct from the University of Columbia that patients with an anxiety disorder will feel more relax when they drink chamomile tea for two months straight. Their anxiety symptoms decrease compared with people who don’t drink chamomile tea. This is why you need to drink chamomile tea. You can drink it in the morning to start your day and before bedtime to end your day as well.

  1. Take L-lysine

What is L-lysine? It is an amino acid that you need to treat your anxiety disorder. There is a study that shows if people take more L-lysine to their diet, their anxiety symptoms will reduce slowly. This amino acid can also lower your stress level which related to anxiety symptoms too. You can find L-lysine from beans, meat, and fish. You can also take an oral supplement too.

  1. Omega-3

The last tip is to take omega-3 every day. This fatty acid can ease your anxiety. It can also increase your mood by decreasing stress hormone. You can eat more tuna, salmon, and sardine.

Treating your anxiety is easy, right?

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Ways to Find Interesting Job Vacancies in Malaysia

Looking for a job vacancy is actually something important for people who want to get a job. Many people compete with each other to find the best job for them. Before you decide to look for a good job, it should be good to understand more information about the preparation that you want to apply. One of the most important things is you should know the best ways to get some great information regarding with the available job vacancies for you to find. Then, do you want to know some ways to find any job vacancies?

Tips to Find Job Vacancies

Actually, there are some tips that can be helpful for you to help you find best job vacancy to try. If you are curious about those things, please read the following tips for more information about it.

  • Online Information

Of course, you can look for the information about the job vacancies by online. Nowadays, many people give information about job vacancies on the internet. Some websites also help you to gather information about available job vacancies that you can try.

  • Public Information Board

You also can go to the place where you can find any public information board. There will be more news about new public events and perhaps information about job vacancies. Then, that would be a helpful thing for you to gather your information.

  • Job Fair

This is something must for you who are looking for these kinds of information. You will not only get information about the available job, but you also can apply directly to the job and do an interview at that time. So, job seekers usually look for this kind of information.

  • Certain Offices

You also can go directly to the certain office to know information about the available position to you to apply. Then, if you get that information, you can try to apply and send the document that is needed.

Those ways can be very helpful for you. As those things will not be an easy thing to find job vacancy, you have to have a hard work and good spirit to find the best job.

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Health Guide

The Nutrition Of Fried Banana

Most people know what kind of nutrition in a banana. Besides helping our digestion, banana has a lot of potassium contents to protect our blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain beat staying in a normal way. For the detail, visit bananavitamins to get more information. As we can see in our real life, so many creations come from the banana. People use a banana to create a new variant of food.

Fried Banana, Is It Healthy?

A lot of banana creations had been made recently, one of them is fried banana. Whether the culture of Indonesian usually fries anything to become a new food or not, but it worked. This kind of food is very popular for Indonesian. So, there is a question about this, do we get the nutrition eating a fried banana?

Health expert mentioned that even fried banana has a good taste, banana which is fried by mixing flour, sugar, and oil causes a problem with too much fat in it. Consuming one piece of fried banana, we can get 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, and 49 milligrams cholesterol. This means by eating a piece of fried banana, it gave you 5% of saturated fat which can be increasing cholesterol in our body, inspired from

Not only bad saturated fat, fried banana also has high-level calories. There are 198 calories in a fried banana, which is almost two times higher than calories in a fresh banana. Consuming too many fried bananas can also increase your weight.

Based on this fact, we can conclude that fried banana is not a healthy food and can be a “boomerang” for ourselves if we consume too many of them. If we want to get a maximum advantage, it is better to eat a fresh banana without any combination. Check the website bananavitamins to get detail information about what is a banana.

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Health Guide

How To Overcome Dry Skin Problem

Dry skin is the problem of thousand people both males and females. The level of dryness varies between one another. It may depend on someone’s fitness, geographical feature, and also age. Dry skin can happen occasionally on the certain extreme condition or even happen for a pretty long time. Dry skin looks rough and stiff. In the worst case, the skin can be flaking.

What Makes Skin Dry

Those symptoms can happen because of various reasons. It can be an internal factor such as genetics and aging or an external factor such weather.

  • Irritation

Body soap, perfume, detergent can cause skin irritation. Therefore, someone with sensitive skin should use special soap and detergent to avoid this problem.


  • Aging

Elder people tend to have thinner skin tissue and it makes skin dry. It happens because their production of nourishing hormone is getting less.


  • Wrong Habit

Dry skin can also happen because of wrong skin treatment. Rubbing the skin too much using sponge or scrub can make the skin drier than its normal state. After taking shower, it is better not to rub your towel too hard onto the skin; rub it gently.


  • Weather

Weather relates to the level of humidity. Low humidity can affect the skin. The natural oil skin is getting dry and it makes the skin dehydrated.

Relieving Dry Skin With Simple Treatment

You can do simple and continuous treatment to relieve your dry skin. First, you should stay hydrated. To make it possible, you should drink much water. In addition, you can apply hand and body lotion to make you always make your skin moist. Using any beauty product that contains more moisturizer is also important. Lastly, try not to get intense and direct exposure to ultraviolet. If you are going outside apply sunblock or wear something that covers your skin such as umbrella, hat or jacket.

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Comic Books Are Epic For Children

Nowadays, parents’ guide their children to use the gadget as a medium to help them in learning. There are plenty materials children can use if they want to maximize the use of their gadget. One of them is by reading Comics Online. Comic books are not only about superhero stories; they are kind of good books that will help children to brainstorm the story that they read. By reading the comic books from their gadget, students will find many great stories and they will collect it. Therefore, reading will be one of your children good activity. In this occasion, there is some reason which points out why comics can be a good friend for the children.

The Comic Book Is A Good Friend For The Children

Most of us will be very familiar with Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, or Captain America. We are not only amazed at their story on how they save the world, but also their character as a superhero with all of their kindness. It proves that superhero can be a good role model for our children. So, they can figure out the good things brought by the superheroes, and they can avoid bad attitude brought by the enemy.

There are many games in the gadget that help children to improve their skills, but reading is one skill that our children will use all of their entire life. So. using the gadget provided by the parents as a reading media is another way for children to learn reading. Read Comics Online is a thing now. All people will get an easy access to it.

Reading comic books is not always talking about superheroes. There are many good stories of life, a biography of inspiring people, and adventures. As a reader, your children will experience the good atmosphere of reading Comics Online.

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