4 Travel Tips When You’re Expecting

Going on a trip for babymoon is a dream for every expecting woman. Plane flight, hectic road, and bad weather are the small example of the stressful moment that can happen while on the go. If you are expecting and have a plan to go for a long trip out of the town or even abroad, the confines are the main thing you need to value. Before you go out there to feel the traveling vibe, you need to prepare anything for yourself and the soon-to-be-baby.

Happy Travel With Big Belly

The best time to travel when you are pregnant is the second trimester, 14 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. So before you decide the destination, it’s better to set your time to trip. There is also something you need to take a note on when you are traveling with a big belly. Here are the tips:

  1. The road trip is highly suggested. Yes, getting on a flight is way so much faster. But, if you’re going to travel to the other town, it’s better to take a road trip instead. Why? Because you will have easy access to take a frequent pit stop to stand up and stretch.


  1. Pick a strategic seat. If you end up on a train, you can book and request a seat strategically. Choose one with the easiest way out and near the toilet.


  1. Pack snacks supply. Frequently eat a small amount of them throughout the trip. Always remember to avoid eating spicy or fried foods on the day of your trip, it can cause you feeling nausea.


  1. Take it easy. Don’t let yourself bring too much or your belonging. Ask your partner or a flight attendant to help you to put your belonging in the car trunk or the cabin.

After all, do not push all your energy on the first day of the trip. Take a good amount of sleep and stay hydrated.