Be Ready To Become A Star

There are so many singing contests in Indonesia which can guide you become a professional singer. To become a winner, one of the most important in a singing contest is the election of the songs. You can get your song references using mp3fest.com. There will be so many music’s you can get and choose the best match of your voice.

Making a song list before start joining the contests is very important because those songs will be your weapon. Logically, if you have a weak weapon, how much the winning percentages you can get? The answer is “Not Much”. The weapon is important for you who want to go to a war.

A Great Singer Not Only From The Skill

In the case, you must be wise choosing your best song and the most comfort song of yours. Don’t choose a song which is popular at the time, because if you are not mastering the song, it can be a boomerang for you. Here you can get the tips to choose the best song of yours, and you can get them on mp3fest.com.

First, pick an anti-mainstream song. Because people will appreciate more than you sing a popular song. If you are singing a popular song, people have known the real quality of the singer, you have to show extra energy to be better than the singer.

Second, choose the song that you are sure you can pronounce it well. For example, if you have a problem in pronouncing English, choose an Indonesian song. This is important that a song must be pronounced perfectly.

And the last, pick a song that matched with your voice. Don’t pick using your ego, if you love a song but, you have no match voice with the tone, that is dangerous. Be wise choosing the song that you can really nailed. You can visit https://www.mp3fest.com to get your song references.