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Beautify Your Body by Reducing Excess Fat

Eating a lot of food can increase body mass, either from the addition of meat, muscle, or fat. The body that is always trained to exercise can tighten also increase muscle mass. Nutrition in foods is converted to meat and muscle. But if the body is not trained it will cause a set of fat in the abdomen and other body parts. Fats themselves are actually needed for the body’s metabolism work, but excessive amounts of fat can cause body parts expanded in some parts. Of course, it will interfere the appearance of your body. Many obese people are potentially against various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cause high cholesterol.

How to Overcome Belly Stomach

Better to eating scheduled in the morning or afternoon, because at that time the food can be processed into energy that will be used for daily activities. Eating at night is better not too much, and done around at 07.00 or 08.00 PM. Excessive eating during the night will surely expand your body shape including the abdomen. Do not sleep too late, sleep at 09.00 or 10.00. If you eat at 07.00 or 08.00 PM, then you should go to bed at 1 or 2 hours after eating. If at 10.00 PM or above you are still awake, then you will feel hungry. If you want back to sleep, you have to eat more food.

Increase drinking water or mineral water than other beverages. Drinks with high sugar content such as soda, beer, canned drinks, and chocolate drinks will make your stomach widen. Mineral water can also maintain the health of internal organs such as the liver. And the last important way is sports. Exercise can burn fat in the body. The recommended exercise to reduce fat mass in the body is running, jogging, dancing, gymnastics, and swimming because it will move many parts of the body.