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The Benefits Consuming Fruits And Vegetables Every Day

Do you know what is good being a vegetarian? A lot. You will amaze how the vegetarian people even the vegan looks amazing and healthy. You know, fruit vegetables are the main foods for their daily meal. However, not only those foods, there is many more. By the way, do you like fruits and vegetables? There are many benefits of them you should know.

Several Good Benefits Of Consuming Fruits And Vegetables Every Day

Many people and kids hate broccoli or another kind of vegetables and fruits. However, as people who know the benefits of broccoli and other fruits and vegetables will still eat them. Besides, broccoli is not that bad. The taste is good if you know how to cook it.

Broccoli and other vegetables have many important roles in your body. So, if you want to always be healthy and look good; you should still eat them. Do you know that one of the deadliest diseases can be avoided by broccoli? Yeah, cancer. So, here are the benefits of consuming fruit vegetables:

  1. Make your body stay fresh and hydrated. So, you should know water only is not enough.
  2. Give you several important nutrition and vitamin your body needs.
  3. Your body also needs fiber; you will get it from fruits and vegetables.
  4. Your digestive system will run well with the role of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Avoid many dangerous diseases.
  6. Make your body looks gorgeous and avoid too much fat.

Then, there are more benefits you do not know. That is why many people turn to vegetarian and vegan. They know how amazing the fruits and vegetables are for their body. So, eat them every day with many different ways now. You will never be bored.

Click fruit vegetables for more tips and information about them. There is useful information about home remedies as well. That is all. Stay fresh and healthy!

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Say Goodbye For Bad Smell Breathe

Having bad breath is a dangerous nightmare. It even makes some people feel not confident as well. That is why you have to take it as a serious problem if it comes about bad breath. Just brushing your teeth is not enough. There are other ways to make your breath feel fresh and not smell anymore. Actually, it is not too difficult for having healthy breath. With a healthy lifestyle, you will get good smell breath.

Do These Things To Keep Your Breathe Smells Good

If you have bad smells breathe, so you need to start to stop unhealthy lifestyle. What you eat and what you do will affect your breathing. So, here are the best ways to keep your breath smells good and fresh:

  • Grab More Vegetables

In fact, vegetables are not only good for your system but it is also good for your mouth. Vegetables help to increase more alkaline environment that will reduce bad breath. One of the causes of bad breath is exceeded acid. Then, vegetables help to decrease this condition.


  • Grab Healthy Snacks Only

If you do not want to get excess acid, so you can start to change all your unhealthy snacks. You can take an apple or other fruits and vegetables as your snacks. The best-recommended one is food which has a hard texture which will help to remove food from your teeth and get rid of bacteria.


  • Consume Enough Water

H2O is the best thing that will help your mouth fresh. Water contained H2O will lubricate your mouth well so there will be no enamel on your teeth.


  • Chew Parsley or Fresh Mint

You can also maintain your mouth’s health with natural route. You can grab foods which contain good herbs. Moreover, you need to take mint which will freshen your breath and decrease bad smell.

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Without Gym, Muscles Could Be Built

Having a healthy body is an important thing you must have in your life. So many ways you can choose to make your body healthy, such as sport, diet, and workout. After doing any types of that healthy life, sometimes people want more than just healthy. Some people have the aim to build their body with muscles. The first thing that appears if you heard word “muscles”, you will think about gym or fitness. It is true if we go to the gym and doing some work out there, we can build our muscles.

In the other hand, there will be several people considering the cost of using gym’s facility is quite expensive. Don’t worry about such a thing, here are some tips for you who want to build muscles without going to a gym.

Build Muscles At Your Home

If you don’t have a flexible time to go out from your home or office, but you want to build the muscles of yours, try several tips below. Basically, you can do these anywhere you want.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t waste your spare time to do bad activities. Use it to do some small workouts, such as push up, pull up, or plank. You can do this in your bedroom or another room you want.

  1. Create Your Own Gym

This step would not need any cost. Take a walk on an upward street to burn calories or you can use the stairs in your house to do running upstairs and downstairs.

  1. Make Your Own Superset

Now, set the limit of your superset to build your muscles. First is tuck jumps then sprints, second do burpee then broad jumps, third bear crawl then a rope climb, fourth do some push up the plank.

Don’t be shy doing all of them, usually, people were shy in a gym, but if you do it in your house, you would not be.

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Feeling Anxious? Let’s Do This!

When you feel anxious it’s like a hell. You will feel panic, can’t breathe, and stress. This illness is a common mental health disorder. Although it is common, you need to treat your anxiety seriously and as fast as possible before it’s too late. In the United States, there is not the only adult who suffer from anxiety but teenager as well. This is why anxiety can be terrible. It just attacks anyone

Treating Anxiety Naturally

An anxiety attack can be annoying and stressful. Therefore, whenever you feel anxious, you need to do these things below.

  1. Drink chamomile tea

Whenever you feel anxious, a cup of warm chamomile tea can make your day. Chamomile is rich in luteolin and apigenin. Those two properties can promote calming and relaxing effect on your body. There is a study conduct from the University of Columbia that patients with an anxiety disorder will feel more relax when they drink chamomile tea for two months straight. Their anxiety symptoms decrease compared with people who don’t drink chamomile tea. This is why you need to drink chamomile tea. You can drink it in the morning to start your day and before bedtime to end your day as well.

  1. Take L-lysine

What is L-lysine? It is an amino acid that you need to treat your anxiety disorder. There is a study that shows if people take more L-lysine to their diet, their anxiety symptoms will reduce slowly. This amino acid can also lower your stress level which related to anxiety symptoms too. You can find L-lysine from beans, meat, and fish. You can also take an oral supplement too.

  1. Omega-3

The last tip is to take omega-3 every day. This fatty acid can ease your anxiety. It can also increase your mood by decreasing stress hormone. You can eat more tuna, salmon, and sardine.

Treating your anxiety is easy, right?

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The Nutrition Of Fried Banana

Most people know what kind of nutrition in a banana. Besides helping our digestion, banana has a lot of potassium contents to protect our blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain beat staying in a normal way. For the detail, visit bananavitamins to get more information. As we can see in our real life, so many creations come from the banana. People use a banana to create a new variant of food.

Fried Banana, Is It Healthy?

A lot of banana creations had been made recently, one of them is fried banana. Whether the culture of Indonesian usually fries anything to become a new food or not, but it worked. This kind of food is very popular for Indonesian. So, there is a question about this, do we get the nutrition eating a fried banana?

Health expert mentioned that even fried banana has a good taste, banana which is fried by mixing flour, sugar, and oil causes a problem with too much fat in it. Consuming one piece of fried banana, we can get 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, and 49 milligrams cholesterol. This means by eating a piece of fried banana, it gave you 5% of saturated fat which can be increasing cholesterol in our body, inspired from

Not only bad saturated fat, fried banana also has high-level calories. There are 198 calories in a fried banana, which is almost two times higher than calories in a fresh banana. Consuming too many fried bananas can also increase your weight.

Based on this fact, we can conclude that fried banana is not a healthy food and can be a “boomerang” for ourselves if we consume too many of them. If we want to get a maximum advantage, it is better to eat a fresh banana without any combination. Check the website bananavitamins to get detail information about what is a banana.

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How To Overcome Dry Skin Problem

Dry skin is the problem of thousand people both males and females. The level of dryness varies between one another. It may depend on someone’s fitness, geographical feature, and also age. Dry skin can happen occasionally on the certain extreme condition or even happen for a pretty long time. Dry skin looks rough and stiff. In the worst case, the skin can be flaking.

What Makes Skin Dry

Those symptoms can happen because of various reasons. It can be an internal factor such as genetics and aging or an external factor such weather.

  • Irritation

Body soap, perfume, detergent can cause skin irritation. Therefore, someone with sensitive skin should use special soap and detergent to avoid this problem.


  • Aging

Elder people tend to have thinner skin tissue and it makes skin dry. It happens because their production of nourishing hormone is getting less.


  • Wrong Habit

Dry skin can also happen because of wrong skin treatment. Rubbing the skin too much using sponge or scrub can make the skin drier than its normal state. After taking shower, it is better not to rub your towel too hard onto the skin; rub it gently.


  • Weather

Weather relates to the level of humidity. Low humidity can affect the skin. The natural oil skin is getting dry and it makes the skin dehydrated.

Relieving Dry Skin With Simple Treatment

You can do simple and continuous treatment to relieve your dry skin. First, you should stay hydrated. To make it possible, you should drink much water. In addition, you can apply hand and body lotion to make you always make your skin moist. Using any beauty product that contains more moisturizer is also important. Lastly, try not to get intense and direct exposure to ultraviolet. If you are going outside apply sunblock or wear something that covers your skin such as umbrella, hat or jacket.

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How To Keep Away Obesity

Obesity is a disease which usually attacks people in a city. The main cause of this obesity is because of the bad dietary habit of the people. People who live in a central city love to eat junk food or another fast food because they want everything instant and they don’t really pay attention to the ideal protein diet reviews. However, sometimes obesity comes from genetics or heredity factors.

Protein content is important for our health; we get to ensure how much proteins that we must have in our body. For those who have a problem with obesity, they must change their dietary habit from consuming fast food into consuming healthy food. A good dietary habit could be implemented by setting the meal portion, the time, and the kind of food they usually eat.

Fight Your Obesity Problem

If you had a problem with your obesity, you have to pay attention to some tips below. Because there are some steps for you to make your body get the ideal protein diet reviews.

  1. Avoid The High Fat Food

Sometimes excessive fat will settle in your blood vessels or another organ such as your liver. If you keep consuming fatty food, there are some another disease waiting for you, for example, stroke or fatty liver.

  1. Avoid Too Much Sugar

By consuming sweet food or drinks, it could increase your calories in your body. Sometimes you will not feel full by consuming them, then you will keep consuming it and you don’t realize it was too much for you.

  1. Eat A High Carbohydrate Complex Food

To avoid the high content of sugar in a rice, change it with consuming red rice or seeds. Because rice usually contains a high sugar. With some tips above you can find your ideal protein diet reviews to make your body healthy again.

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Healthy Lifestyle For Healthy Heart

Living healthy is the key to everyone who wishes to live longer. These recent years, data from many health centers show that the number of people who suffer from heart disease is getting higher. If you do not want to be one of them, let’s start healthy lifestyle together.

The Threat Of Heart Disease

The heart is the vital organ that pumps blood to the whole body. It is like a motor that keeps you alive. However, any problem with it can cause a fatal effect. First, heart disease can be caused by a genetic factor. Besides, other health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity can worsen the case. If you are prone to one of those diseases, you have high possibility to suffer from heart disease.

How To Prevent Heart Disease?

There is always time to change. While you are still young, you can do many activities to make your heart in great shape. There are some options you can do to achieve it.

  1. Stop smoking

Both active and passive smokers have a great possibility to suffer from heart disease. Research shows that almost 20% of death is caused by a heart attack which is triggered by smoking habit. If you are a smoker, try to stop this bad habit or at least reduce the frequency of smoking.


  1. Eat properly

Another ultimate way to prevent heart disease is by eating healthy food. You should not consume food that contains much salt and fat such as fast food. In addition, you should also avoid drinking soda. It is better for you to drink more mineral water instead.


  1. Exercise regularly

Taking a walk, jogging, cycling, and swimming can reduce the risk of heart attack. Regular exercise 15 -30 minutes a day is enough to make you fit. What do you wait? Let’s move and live healthier.

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Things To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

Most of you might already know that heart attack is kind of problem that can attack everyone. Especially for those who have a problem with a bad habit, they might have a higher risk to get a heart attack. To help you to avoid this bad thing to happen in your life, it would be good if you decide to take care of some habits and live a healthier life. Things that can help you to reduce the risk of heart attack will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack With The Following Things

When you really want to reduce the risk of heart attack, you can do several important things on the following list. Then, what are those things?

  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is something bad for your body and also other people. As smoking can be a problem for your lung and also the heart, you should stop smoking start from now on.

  1. Eat Enough Salt

Do you know that salt can also be something dangerous for your body? You have to remember that something too much never becomes a good thing. It does work with eating salt. Do not put too much salt in your meals, since it can increase the heart rate and can cause the heart attack.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to our body. You have to always remember that fact. It also can be bad for our blood circulation and can trigger the heart attack problem. So, please avoid alcohol for your better life.

  1. Do Exercise

Exercise is such an important activity for our body. Not only about shaping our physical condition, it does work with the blood pressure in our body. With enough exercise, it can help us to get smooth blood pressure that can avoid the risk of heart attack.

Besides those important things, you also have to pay attention to the meals that you eat. Choose more vegetables and fruits to consume, for your better blood pressure and health.

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Kids Health And Family Health Care

It is important to have insurance health and family doctor. However, not all people can afford that with the whole family. Sometimes, people need to get another way to get the health care. I know it is hard to get the best health care for the whole family. Many diseases are out there with dangerous effect may harm you and your family. What should you do?

Tips To Have The Best Health Care For Family And Kids

People live need to be healthy. Getting insurance just in case to have the disease and need a hospital in the future is the best move. However, you can still have other options such as hiring the family doctor too. However, if you cannot afford the both of them; you can do the ways below:

  1. You should make sure your knowledge about health can help your family in the simple case of health.
  2. The basic home remedies should be in your home.
  3. You should join the program from your government about health with affordable price. They are many these days.
  4. You should have the budget for kids and health for your family separately. It will help you in the future.
  5. Choose trusted clinic with a low budget for your family rather than a big hospital.

It is ok to choose a trusted clinic for your family rather than a hospital. If you do not need to do surgery or any other difficult handling; an ordinary clinic with the family doctor is enough. Are you agreeing with me?

You may ask your wife or husband about this. Giving the kids the knowledge about health and home remedies also will help you a lot. Make sure you always give the best for them in foods and healthy habits every day. The good immune will protect them to get sick easily. Thus, that is all.

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