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5 Top Reasons For Doing Exercise Regularly

Most people agree that regular exercise is necessary. It is beneficial for the body fitness and can support our daily activity. It can also prevent even heal from various kinds of diseases. The followings are top five reasons for regular exercise that can motivate you to start doing healthy life.

Help The Process Of Detoxification

First of all, exercise employs rapid physical activity. While doing exercise, the body produces sweat. Along with it, sweat carries toxic in the body and makes us feel healthier. The skin will also look healthier and it can also prevent the aging process naturally.

Lower Stress Level

The second reason why you need to exercise every couple of days is that it can be a therapy for releasing stress. Yoga, meditation, and hiking on hills are some exercises that can help you lower the stress level. Instead of consuming anti-depressant, exercise has fewer side effects.

Increase Self Confidence

Regular exercise can also help you burn fat quickly. Furthermore, it can help build muscles. When your body is in good shape, you will feel more confident. Your daily activity will be more effective for you are more flexible and energetic. This is another benefit of losing weight and body shape.

Supply Energy

Another reason for doing exercise is to supply enough energy for the body. If you think that exercise will drain your energy and make you feel tired, you might have done it wrong. In fact, exercise can help you feel fresher. Food is well processed into energy. You will also get enough supply of oxygen which can improve your level of focus.

Boost Metabolism

Last reason for doing exercise is related to metabolism. By doing any kind of exercise, the organs will function properly and it can boost the metabolism. You won’t get ill easily. Even you are able to recover faster than those who do not exercise.

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Choosing Birth Control for Acne and Weight Loss

Who does not want to get clear skin and normal weight? So, there are many people who try to use best birth control for acne and weight loss. Why is it birth control? Maybe for many people, it is weird to use birth control or contraception for fighting acne and losing weight. However, many people trust it as well. So, it is worth to try, I guess. Here, I will give you the tips for choosing birth control and several birth controls you can try.

Tips How to Choose Birth Control for Acne and Weight Loss

You know, there are many kinds of birth control or contraception. Not all of them are good for getting rid acne and losing weight. The best birth control for fighting acne is the ones with a combination of estrogen and progestin. There are many birth control with those things as well; therefore, you should get the best one.

Besides, how is it work for losing weight? Ok, maybe there will not much explanation here but you can see the best birth control for acne and weight loss here. For it will work for losing weight or not you can find out on next page later. Here is the best birth control for acne:

  1. Norgestimate or ortho try cyclen. It is one of the best birth control that contains the combination estrogen and progestin.
  2. It is also the combination of progestin and estrogen.
  3. This is the next best birth control with progestin and estrogen inside.

However, you should know those birth control mostly good for the women only. About the birth control that is good for men; you could find the information on next website page I will share later. You will find the birth control for losing weight as well there.

You may click this link: best birth control for acne and weight loss. You will get more tips and information about acne and another useful article. Thus, that is all.

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Eat The King Of Fruits For Better Health

What do you know about the king of fruits? Can you figure out about what the fruit is? Well, the king of fruits is the Mango. Mango contains a lot of great sources which can help your body to get healthy if you are consuming the fruits.

Benefits You Can Get From Mangoes

Besides, it contains a lot of great sources, consuming the mango every day can help you to get more health benefits like:

  1. Mango has a lot of fiber and protein so it takes part to help your digestive system to work as effective as possible. Besides it, it will help you to lower the risk of heart disease too.
  2. You give the best contributions to your gut to keep healthy. Why? The mango is containing the prebiotic dietary fiber which can help you to feed any good bacteria in your gut as well. Thus, it will help the gut to keep healthy like what you want.
  3. The mango contains rich in antioxidant and vitamin C which can help your body to boost the immunity in the best ways. If you boost your immunity system effectively which means you also can prevent any flu or cold come to disturb your health.
  4. Consuming the mango can help you to promote your eyes keep healthy. The mango itself is rich in the beta-carotene which can help your body to keep the production of vitamin A. It will help you to improve your vision and also boost your eyes health in the best ways. Also, it will help you a lot to prevent any age-related for the loss of vision or macular degeneration.

Those are just a few of simple benefits you can get if you are consuming the mango. Just like its name, the king of fruits, it has a lot of benefits for your health. Thus, you should not feel so worried anymore to consume this fruit or not.

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Steps To Have A Better Sleep

Having a good sleep every day is very important for your overall health. If you don’t get enough sleep you will feel tired, fatigue, grumpy, and you will get sick. You need to make a regular bedtime routine such as take a bath with warm water, read a book, stay away from the gadget, or relax before bedtime. To create a good sleeping pattern, you need to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time too. You need to do this tip on weekends too.

Tips To Sleep Better

Below are some tips to help you have a better sleep. Those tips below are very effective. What are those tips? Here we go.

  1. Get rid of alcohol and caffeine before bedtime.
  2. Enough exercise during the day. People who sleep better are those who often exercise. It is because they spend their energy during the day, so they will sleep better at night.
  3. In the evening, don’t eat too much
  4. Use white noise generator to block disturbing noise around you.
  5. If you want to take a nap in the afternoon, try to take a short nap for 10 or 20 minutes. This is very good to regain your energy and you can still sleep early at night. You can also lay down in a dark room.
  6. Try to relax. It is very important to use yoga, meditation, or breathing exercise to relax your body and mind.
  7. Try to spend at least one hour in dim light before bedtime. If you are in the room with low lighting, it will lead you to sleep better.
  8. Take melatonin and valerian. Those two are sedative herbs which used to cure insomnia. You can buy it at drugstore or food store. Before bedtime, take one capsule.

We hope that those 8 tips above are useful for your sleep.

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Pros And Cons Of Using Menstrual Cup

I believe you have an idea to switch your menstrual pads or tampons with the menstrual cup because of the earth. At least, you will need the cup for your own healthy life. You know how dangerous the chemical substances in your tampons or menstrual pads. Well, those are not only the reason. There are more reasons and pros of switching to a menstrual cup. So, here I will share the pros and cons of using the menstrual cup for you.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Menstrual Cup Rather Than Pads Or Tampons

It is very common to use tampons and pads for so long among women all over the world. However, there is a good technology and a very good news for all women about the menstrual cup that will change all women’s lives. Well, you will see there are many women who switch to the menstrual cup. So, are you wondering the pros and cons of the menstrual cup? Here are the pros:

  1. You will not need to buy more cup every month; you will use the same cup for years. One cup for years.
  2. You will not need to make more trash every month on your beloved earth.
  3. You will protect your body better by using the safe menstrual cup than using the pads and tampons.
  4. It is healthier because the risk of getting infections is lessened.
  5. It is easier to use and do not need to change it too often in a day.
  6. You can empty the cup only twice a day because of it capable to keep the blood for twelve hours.
  7. It is so easy to clean the menstrual cup after use and before use every month.

The cons maybe will be related to the women who do not feel comfortable with the menstrual cup inside their body. There are cases where the user will feel pain inside. However, there are not many cases. The good news also it does not easily leak. Thus, that is all.

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What To Do For New Moms

Every mother must crave the birth of a baby. And after they give a birth of a baby, they must be breastfeeding the baby. However, some mothers are facing problems in breastfeeding their babies because they have to encounter some problems like their milk does not pump out. If this happens, they should give their babies another nutrition input by formula feeding using formula milk in a glass baby bottle.

Breastfeeding Vs Formula Feeding

Formula feeding is actually good, but it should follow some rules to get the babies keep healthy. The formula milk is created as possible to become or contain nutrition similar to breast milk. To feed the baby using formula milk should be done carefully.

The milk formula for babies this should be given according to the dose measured by the age of the babies. The doses should never be reduced or added since there are medical consequences that will appear. This milk does is usually listed on the milk packaging.

However, the dose is not always the right standard. Therefore, the need of each baby is usually different. Thus, it is recommended to consult with the pediatrician before giving your baby formula feeding.

Besides, the formula milk is made externally, which is tended to be more vulnerable to bacteria. Thus, moms should keep the place clean. This is important to prevent the growth of bacteria. The formula milk exposed too long in the open air can trigger the bacteria to grow up. Thus, keep the milk container safe by closing its lid.

In addition, the bottle used to hold the milk also needs a nice treatment. The bottle should be cleaned after usage. Also, use a food grade cleaning liquid for the bottle. It will be better if moms use the ones created for babies. The bottle material should also be a consideration. For baby bottle references, you can visit

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Tips To Getting Twin Baby Easily

Many people are dreaming of having twins in the family. Even, they are trying many efforts to expect twin babies. Some of them are taking certain medical treatment. Some others are trying more natural attempts. Experts have tried seeking a solution on how to get pregnant tips for having twins. The followings are some simple solution that you can do to get twin children.

Fact About Twins Pregnancy

Before further discussing the tips, there are some facts you may need to know about twin pregnancy. As generally known, not all family is gifted with twin descendants. Generally, there are two kinds of twins the identical and the fraternal twins. The first kind of it is more likely to be a rare case. Meanwhile, the latter category is more common. Both are developed from the same egg but the identical twins look apparently identical to each other.

Many factors influence the possibility of having twins. The first is a race. It has been said that certain race has more twin descendants that the others. African, Caucasian, and Asian women are having highest to lowest possibility of conceiving twins respectively. Another factor is age. Older women are more likely to conceive twins than younger women.

Step To Follow For Having Twins

Let’s now discuss how to have ones by following these methods on how to get pregnant tips. Firstly, you may need to consume more folic supplements. Not only will it make the baby healthy but also inducing twin pregnancy. Secondly, it is suggested that consuming dairy product more frequent will help you to have twins. Lastly, try to have a baby during the first and second cycle after stopping birth control.

Those are some information about the likelihood of pregnant with twins. Even if you are having the little possibility, you can still try how to get pregnant tips for conceiving twins. If you are lucky enough, you can make your wish come true.

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Things to Do to Avoid Cold and Flu

Cold and flu typically will come when it is in cool weather. However, this condition will appear any time when your metabolism at ease. There are some conditions that will trigger you to catch a cold and flu. Dirt, bacteria, and virus are everywhere. They are the bad causes of your cold and flu. However, this condition can be avoided. There are some ways to maintain your metabolism.

How to Avoid Cold and Flu

There are some ways and habits which will make any bacteria, virus, or dirt will not come to you. Here are the best habits that can be done to avoid bacteria and virus from cold and flu:

  • Always Wash Your Hands After Shaking Hands

As mentioned before, dirt and bacteria are everywhere. There will be a chance that someone else’s bring bacteria to you. If you are in good condition with strong metabolism, so it will be nothing. However, it will become a disaster when you are on low metabolism. To avoid this situation, you can wash your hand every time after you shake hands with others.


  • Watch Your Hands

Besides from other people, dirt and bacteria also can come from yourself. Hands are the high side of your body where the bacteria most are. That is why you need to stop to touch your face, especially nose with your hand. It will avoid any bacteria to go far into your body.


  • Get Enough Sleep

For the most important thing, sleep is the best medicine for you. You have to maintain your metabolism by resting your body. You cannot take a whole day for work, so you need to take enough sleep.


  • Take Healthy Foods

Healthy foods are the best supplement for you. You can increase your metabolism as long as you have enough minerals and vitamins.

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A Brief Guidance To Treat Panic Attack

If you are suddenly feeling nervous and your heart beats faster, you suffer from a panic attack. It can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to handle such issue by picking the right panic attack treatment although it is difficult. The panic attack shows different symptom for every person. There is a brief guide for you to take care of such sudden mental disorder.

Find The Right Treatment

There are some methods that you can do when you feel panic. Firstly, you can do meditation. Mediation provides you a condition where you can relax your body and mind at the same time. Moreover, our mind will feel much calm. The condition when the body is tensed and mind feels great fear can lead someone to get a panic attack.

Secondly, you can try to get some medication.  Some serious symptom can only be treated by getting medication. You can visit a doctor and get the right prescription. Most medicine as panic attack treatment contains a substance that can suppress panic feeling. The substance brings the sedative effect which allows someone to calm down and relax.

Another treatment is by meeting psychiatrist and gets psychotherapy. It may involve hypnotizing, consultation and other programs. If you are choosing this kind of treatment, you may need to follow some strict rules. The program also usually needs long and regular process. You cannot miss any single schedule if you want to get the benefit in no time.

After knowing what symptoms, you have, it will be easier for you to take the right treatment. You can either choose an instance method or a lengthy one. The thing is that there is no shortcut to being successful in certain thing including healing panic attack. For further information and tips, you can try to check, a blog providing complete guidance for a panic attack.

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Poor Handling of Cancer in Developing Country

The threat of cancer in Indonesia is increasing along with changes in people’s lifestyles. The highest cancer that occurs in women is breast cancer and cervical cancer, whereas in men the highest is lung cancer and colorectal cancer. An estimated number of cancer incidence in the world is increasing 300 percent by 2030. The majority occur in developing countries including Indonesia.

The Main Problem of Handling Cancer in Indonesia

The biggest obstacle in Indonesia in dealing with cancer is the absence of research and the lack of specialist oncologist surgeons. In addition, the large number of Indonesian populations should also not be a problem, as countries with large populations such as India and China can also handle this problem well. Limited medical personnel who master the field, also inhibits service for cancer patients. Early handling becomes more difficult with such conditions.

Currently, there are no 200 oncology surgeons in Indonesia. In one hospital alone a day can handle up to 40 patients. Sadly, from 20 years ago, it never shifted from 60-70 percent with advanced status.

Meanwhile, according to some psychologists, cancer patients in Indonesia are still lacking support, motivation, and moral support to be more optimistic. As a result, many patients feel desperate once diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, people also need to be educated in order to provide moral support to other people who have cancer. This can trigger the growth of life spirits for cancer patients, so the possibility of healing for those suffering from cancer can increase.

Psychological factors also greatly affect the healing process of a disease, including cancer. Although cancer is fairly difficult to cure and handle, but with the spirit to heal from the patient itself, the disease can be defeated which can increase life expectancy. The spirit itself can arise from the support of the people around the patient.

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