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Facts About Angry Birds 2

What is Angry Birds 2? It is a game from Finland which released 3 years ago. The developer created a simple yet challenging game for the birds who want to rescue golden eggs by defeating pigs. This game is like a puzzle game and it is suitable for kids. However, because of its immense popularity, the adults also play this game too. If you would like to gain information about Angry Birds, you can read those facts below.

What Is Angry Birds 2?

Below are some interesting facts about Angry Birds 2 and its predecessor. The game already took over the game world since 2009 and it is still popular until now.

  1. What Is Angry Birds 2 ? It is a game that you can play on both PC and mobile version. The game is very popular until other media create the books about Angry Birds.
  2. The very first Angry Birds is very popular, literally really popular. The game has been a trending topic for many months and the developer decided to create the sequel including Angry Birds 2.
  3. The pigs which is the enemy in this game is one of the crucial elements of Angry Birds. The players are having fun in defeating the enemy. This leads the developer to make the spin-off game of this pig. It is called Bad Piggies. The task of this game is to control the pig and at the same time, the player needs to try building contraptions which will be used to steal the golden eggs.
  4. There are many parodies and copycats of this game because the Angry Birds’ franchise is so big.
  5. What Is Angry Birds 2 ? It is a very popular game where t-shirts, bags, lunch box, stationery, hats, boxers, sweatpants, and other stuff are printed with Angry Birds picture. Even there are soft drinks named Angry Birds That’s the fact about Angry Birds 2.

The Latest Development Of Tesla Model S

For somebody with many years of experience to drive a customary auto, my first taste of Tesla Model S driving the previous fall had come as a stun. The vibe of a vehicle proceeding onward its own particular was bizarre to the point that I naturally held the directing wheel, which quickly exchanged control back to me. This time I was more casual, willing to perceive how the auto would carry on. I gave the voice-enacted route framework a goal in State Court Park, San Francisco shopping center around 30 kilometers away, and the auto quickened, braked, remained in the focal point of the path and kept up an agreeable three-auto separate in front of me, all without my mediation. At the shopping center, it recognized a void stopping place, and faultlessly sponsored into it.

Futuristic Vehicle Adaptation

One of its most great highlights from is the capacity for the driver to move to another lane basically by squeezing the turn-flag lever. The Tesla examines for activity in the nearby path, sits tight for an opening and afterward floats into put, wiping out the threat of a blind side. (Throughout the years I’ve encountered a few narrow escapes including path changes and blindsides) Despite the fact that I’d been informed of its impediments, so fruitful was Autopilot that I was enticed to let down my watch by not trying to look in the rearview reflect. That would have been an error.

For all its vision abilities to incorporate into haziness, autopilot wound up confounded when paths weren’t plainly stamped or part in two or at off-ramps. You can’t just program the goal and let the auto discover its direction. It’s reassuringly careful about moving to another lane, yet an overwhelming rush hour gridlock; I would have missed an exit while sitting tight for it to locate a reasonable opening, and needed to state manual control.

How To Get Hungry Shark World For Android

Hungry Shark World is known as one of the most popular games for Android users. This game comes from Ubisoft and it is a raising game that starts to get its popularity. Many people already download this game, as it is recorded that about 10 million people download it into their devices. Meanwhile, the rating of this game is about 4.5 stars over 5 stars in total. It means that this game is quietly favorable among the gamers. For you who still do not have this game on their device, knowing several ways to install and play this game will be a good thing for you. So, to know about those things, please read the following information.

Steps To Download Hungry Shark World

As you know before, you can play this Hungry Shark World game on your Android and it is a legal game. It means that you can get this game legally by download it from the Play Store. Please, follow the following steps to download this game.

  • Open Your Play Store

The first thing that you have to do is opening your Play Store. Of course, it would be the very first step that you have to do. For the Android users, Play Store becomes the place where you can find any applications legally for your Android.

  • Type the Name of The Game

Then, you have to type the name of the game. At the top of your Play Store, there will be space to search any names of applications. Then, type the name of this game there, and find this application there.

  • Download and Install

Then, you have to download the game and follow the instruction to install this game. Wait until you finish the installment process.

Those steps are the steps that you have to follow when you want to have this game on your Android. Please, access this website if you want to know more about this game.

What’s Kind Of Place That Needs The Ductworks?

What is ductwork ? You might ever saw this thing but have not known its name. When you installed air conditioner or heater at home, there will be a system that is installed as well. That is ductwork which has a function to flow better air into your home. The simple explanation for this system is it will suck the air outside, then deliver it to a certain place to reduce some dust and another kind of allergen. After that, the air will flow again through the ducts to your indoor place as a final place.

The Most Recommended Place That Needs Ductwork

After knowing “what is ductwork ?”, you might already get a little bit depiction of how its work. Then, you can also find which kind of place that needs this system the most. Here are the most recommended places which must have ductwork:

  • A Building with Sloppy Design

One of the most recommended places to get ductwork is a building with sloppy design. It is not only home, but also it can be an office building. The sloppy design of building sometimes will not circulate good air flow. That is why the ductwork will help this problem. Without need more ventilation, the ducts will help to circulate better air.


  • A Building with Poor Quality of Air

This second recommendation actually is not too different from the first one. You will need the ductwork system if your home has poor air quality. Although the outside has poor air, you still can get better and fresh air inside your home. However, you have to get high maintenance for this ductwork so there will be no dust that will block the air flow.


  • A Home for Allergic People

From the first explanation about “what is ductwork ?”, you might start to think that this system is good for reducing the allergen at home.

The Popular White Flowers For A Beautiful Garden

You might want to make your house to be more attractive to the existence of the white flower in the garden. If you want to get the most attractive home décor, start them with the garden that will welcome your guests to your house. In this case, you will also get the best look when you can choose the wildflower that is simple and unique. The wildflower will be something good for you. You can improve the design to make sure that you will get the best look at it. In this case, you might want to plant some wildflower in the garden to improve your dreamy look in the garden.

Get The Most Beautiful Wildflowers For Your Garden

The wildflower will be the best choice for you when you want to improve the look in the house. You can start choosing some flowers that will be unique. Besides, the white flower in the garden will also add the beauty and feminine look. Here are some flowers that will rock your garden:

  1. One of the most popular flowers that will be unique is the anemone. You can choose some things that will be attractive for your look. In this case, although anemone is not the same thing with the sea anemone, you can get this flower as the best. With its delicate petals and humble shape.
  2. If you want something more vintage and attractive, you can choose the Camellia. The flower is simple but also classic. This flower is also popular as the one which symbolizes the promise of a man to protect a lady.
  3. Dianthus bright eyes will also be a great thing to consider in your garden. You can choose the flower for your need. This flower is also a great thing with its spicy fragrance. The color is also beautiful with the bright red center.

See, the beautiful wildflower will also be a good thing for you. You can consider some things that will be unique to your house garden. You can get the one which is attractive to improve your look as you can get the best white flower.

Exterior Ideas For Outdoor Bathtub

What do you think about the outdoor bathtub? Is it a good idea or not? If you need the fresh exterior design ideas; this bathtub can be a perfect idea. Do not worry, there are many ideas about it and you will enjoy the new experiences of taking a bath in outdoor with the best and elegant design of exterior with the bathtub. So, are you ready to have a new bathtub in your deck? See the ideas as the following.

The Tips And Ideas Of Outdoor Bathtub In Your Exterior Design

Do you know how fun to have an outdoor bathtub with warm water near your home? It will feel like you are in hot springs or something like that. So, are we going to have a hot tub on the deck? Come on, there is nothing impossible in this world. So, here are the tips to have hot tub or bathtub in your exterior design ideas:

  1. Hot tub in outdoor will make you merge with nature. Of course, there are monkeys in it but you still enjoy your time in your own hot tub. You may place it on the deck or patio of your yard. Of course, you should have another wall for avoiding people seeing you naked.
  2. It will be perfect to have a natural design for the tub such as traditional tubs like in the spa or hot springs. What do you think?
  3. You may add the trees near the hot tub to bring more nature.
  4. Add more rocks as well around the tub will make it looks more natural.
  5. You may not add the wall around it if you want to place on the rooftop.

So, that is it. You may see the pictures here: exterior design ideas. You can use the pictures as your references to have the new hot tub on your rooftop or in your deck. Hope you like it.