Creating Unforgettable Experience – Mount Rinjani Trekking

Thousands of people have witnessed the beauty of the hidden paradise of Mount Rinjani. The epic crater view with of its lake on the mountaintop has become the target of many traveler and hikers. To have that experience you can choose mount Rinjani trekking package which is provided by the local guide. The package varies according to your need. You can choose to either enjoy the journey in a group or join it individually. The package can be adjusted upon request to match your preference.

What Activity To Choose

Besides group and individual deals, mount Rinjani trekking package are also available for the various period. You can enjoy some options to experience the sunset or sunrise over the summit. The package usually differs on the length of the trip. You can choose to enjoy the mountain within two, three or four days. Each package will definitely offer different facilities. Otherwise, you may consider having a night trip to enjoy the beauty of the island. Various other packages are also available for you who are not ready yet to climb on more than 12,000 feet high. Another option such as enjoying soft trekking to several nature spots is also a great choice.

The thing that you do not need to worry is that all packages come to serve you at best. Mount Rinjani trekking package serves you Full camping and trekking equipment, friendly and skilled guide and porters, to full supplies which is available for you during the trip. Should you prepare private supplies, you can fulfill it in the nearest stall. The organizer will kindly provide you with a detailed schedule. They will also delightful take you to the beautiful spots and guide you until you arrive at your accommodation. This will certainly create another memorable experience of all time.