Facts About Angry Birds 2

What is Angry Birds 2? It is a game from Finland which released 3 years ago. The developer created a simple yet challenging game for the birds who want to rescue golden eggs by defeating pigs. This game is like a puzzle game and it is suitable for kids. However, because of its immense popularity, the adults also play this game too. If you would like to gain information about Angry Birds, you can read those facts below.

What Is Angry Birds 2?

Below are some interesting facts about Angry Birds 2 and its predecessor. The game already took over the game world since 2009 and it is still popular until now.

  1. What Is Angry Birds 2 ? It is a game that you can play on both PC and mobile version. The game is very popular until other media create the books about Angry Birds.
  2. The very first Angry Birds is very popular, literally really popular. The game has been a trending topic for many months and the developer decided to create the sequel including Angry Birds 2.
  3. The pigs which is the enemy in this game is one of the crucial elements of Angry Birds. The players are having fun in defeating the enemy. This leads the developer to make the spin-off game of this pig. It is called Bad Piggies. The task of this game is to control the pig and at the same time, the player needs to try building contraptions which will be used to steal the golden eggs.
  4. There are many parodies and copycats of this game because the Angry Birds’ franchise is so big.
  5. What Is Angry Birds 2 ? It is a very popular game where t-shirts, bags, lunch box, stationery, hats, boxers, sweatpants, and other stuff are printed with Angry Birds picture. Even there are soft drinks named Angry Birds That’s the fact about Angry Birds 2.