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Feeling Anxious? Let’s Do This!

When you feel anxious it’s like a hell. You will feel panic, can’t breathe, and stress. This illness is a common mental health disorder. Although it is common, you need to treat your anxiety seriously and as fast as possible before it’s too late. In the United States, there is not the only adult who suffer from anxiety but teenager as well. This is why anxiety can be terrible. It just attacks anyone

Treating Anxiety Naturally

An anxiety attack can be annoying and stressful. Therefore, whenever you feel anxious, you need to do these things below.

  1. Drink chamomile tea

Whenever you feel anxious, a cup of warm chamomile tea can make your day. Chamomile is rich in luteolin and apigenin. Those two properties can promote calming and relaxing effect on your body. There is a study conduct from the University of Columbia that patients with an anxiety disorder will feel more relax when they drink chamomile tea for two months straight. Their anxiety symptoms decrease compared with people who don’t drink chamomile tea. This is why you need to drink chamomile tea. You can drink it in the morning to start your day and before bedtime to end your day as well.

  1. Take L-lysine

What is L-lysine? It is an amino acid that you need to treat your anxiety disorder. There is a study that shows if people take more L-lysine to their diet, their anxiety symptoms will reduce slowly. This amino acid can also lower your stress level which related to anxiety symptoms too. You can find L-lysine from beans, meat, and fish. You can also take an oral supplement too.

  1. Omega-3

The last tip is to take omega-3 every day. This fatty acid can ease your anxiety. It can also increase your mood by decreasing stress hormone. You can eat more tuna, salmon, and sardine.

Treating your anxiety is easy, right?