Getting The Information About Betta Fish

How do you get a comfortable place for living? When you choose a place for living, you might want to get them easily. Indeed, the house will be very comfortable for you if you have a living decoration. For example, is having a pet. In this case, betta fish is one of the most popular fish you can choose. When it comes to you to choose the betta fish, you will also ask about how long do betta fish live? Of course, it is a very important question to answer. Of course, you want to have a pet with the long life term.

The Treatments For The Betta Fish

When you consider having a betta fish in the house, you will need to know some key things that will make you feel more comfortable about the betta fish. You might ask the question of how long do betta fish live? In the captivity, the fish will live approximately 3-5 years. Here are some treatments to make sure that they live healthily.

  1. The first thing you can do is to make sure that you get an appropriate place for them to live. A small fish tank will be comfortable enough. Therefore, you can choose the place for the fish to live. They will live alone so you need to get a small thing.
  2. Don’t be lazy to change the water where they live as you will need to make sure that they can grow healthily. When it comes to you to get a healthy fish, the betta fish will live better as they have clear water.
  3. You can choose the betta fish if you can get along with the sunlight. As they love getting under the sunlight, you will be able to get them easily to kill bacteria.

See, there are so many things that will make you feel comfortable when getting a betta fish at home. You need to also know the treatment for them. So, you will get the answer to how long do betta fish live?