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How To Lower Fever At Midnight For Children

Fever becomes a condition when your immunity is not in the stable state. It commonly appears for adult or children, even a baby. Fever will be the biggest problem for baby. The high temperature will make a baby feel uncomfortable. That is why s/he will cry a lot when s/he got a fever. Moreover, fever also causes dehydrated that will make your baby even lose her/his strength. In common state, a mother will take medicine for her baby. However, it will be a problem if your child got a fever at midnight. You cannot randomly give any kind of fever medicine without consulting with a doctor.

Simple Methods To Lower Fever For Children

If your child gets fever at midnight time and it is too difficult to reach a doctor, so you can try to get home remedy first. At least, you can make your child feels more comfortable then you can take her/him to the hospital on the next day. Here are the best methods when your baby gets fever:

  1. Take a washcloth and damp it into cool water or an ice cube. Don’t forget to squeeze it, then place it on your baby’s forehead. It can help to normalize the temperature
  2. Take off your child’s clothes. Make sure that there are not too many layers on her/his clothing so it will help to loosen the heat. You can try to change her/his clothes into a light layer clothes. If s/he is shivering, so you can place a light blanket
  3. You have to give more fluids to your children which are effective keep your child hydrated, so the temperature will not be increased easily. Moreover, you can also offer your child a chilled yogurt which will help to cool her/his body from inside out
  4. Stay indoors which will help your child to avoid the heat outside.