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How To Overcome Dry Skin Problem

Dry skin is the problem of thousand people both males and females. The level of dryness varies between one another. It may depend on someone’s fitness, geographical feature, and also age. Dry skin can happen occasionally on the certain extreme condition or even happen for a pretty long time. Dry skin looks rough and stiff. In the worst case, the skin can be flaking.

What Makes Skin Dry

Those symptoms can happen because of various reasons. It can be an internal factor such as genetics and aging or an external factor such weather.

  • Irritation

Body soap, perfume, detergent can cause skin irritation. Therefore, someone with sensitive skin should use special soap and detergent to avoid this problem.


  • Aging

Elder people tend to have thinner skin tissue and it makes skin dry. It happens because their production of nourishing hormone is getting less.


  • Wrong Habit

Dry skin can also happen because of wrong skin treatment. Rubbing the skin too much using sponge or scrub can make the skin drier than its normal state. After taking shower, it is better not to rub your towel too hard onto the skin; rub it gently.


  • Weather

Weather relates to the level of humidity. Low humidity can affect the skin. The natural oil skin is getting dry and it makes the skin dehydrated.

Relieving Dry Skin With Simple Treatment

You can do simple and continuous treatment to relieve your dry skin. First, you should stay hydrated. To make it possible, you should drink much water. In addition, you can apply hand and body lotion to make you always make your skin moist. Using any beauty product that contains more moisturizer is also important. Lastly, try not to get intense and direct exposure to ultraviolet. If you are going outside apply sunblock or wear something that covers your skin such as umbrella, hat or jacket.