Important Tips On Building Cool Minecraft Houses

For those who have played Minecraft for quite a while, you may find it pretty hard to build a house with great design. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have cool Minecraft houses easy to build. You may think that function comes first over anything else. In fact, by exploring some tutorials and note important tips you can have a house with attractive design.

How To Make Aesthetic And Functional House?

Talking about function, as long as you get wall, roof, and door for entrance it can be enough. Unfortunately, your house will not look so appealing. There are two aspects that you should consider to make your house impressed the villagers.

  • Exterior

The exterior is the main attraction of building a house. Not only it should adjust with the style of the surrounding, it should have inviting look as well. To make it outstanding, start building your house from exterior first. To make it more realistic you can add pillars as it gives an attractive touch to your house.


There are some points you should avoid to make your house look better. To have cool Minecraft houses easy to build you should not only use a single material. It will give monotone look so your house will look so boring. Also, avoid building single block of the square building. Try to give it more dimensions. Some nature decoration such as plant or flowers will make it looks even prettier.


  • Interior

Once you have done with the outer part, now you should consider decorating the inside part. Although it will be less functional, the cozier look will be great when you are playing multiplayer. Crafting some home decoration for living room, kitchen and bedroom will increase the aesthetic value of the house. You can make sofa, TV-like item, kitchen set and many more to have cool Minecraft houses easy to build.