It Is Not a Problem Missing the Drivers

Driver software is one of the most important elements in a PC, one of them is a printer driver. After re-installing windows from your PC or laptop, you can find the driver again in Epson Driver Download for the printer driver. Do you ever find the differences in the system between before you re-install it and after installing it? Sometimes you cannot open some software on your PC, such as a printer, speaker, etc. it is because most of the drivers are also deleted. Usually, we have to back up the drivers before we start to re-install our PC.

Tips for You to Get Drivers Back!

First, after re-installing the PC, all of the systems will back to old or like a new PC. The data from local disk C will be erased, and this is an example to find printer driver using Epson Driver Download. Find My Computer icon, press the right click and choose properties. After choosing properties, find Device Manager on the left side of the top.

Second, after choosing Device Manager, find the device which we want to search its driver. How do we know of them? Usually, there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the name of the device. Choose one of them and press the right click on it and find update drivers.

The internet you used will automatically find the best driver you needed. Any other options that we can use to get a driver is to find it online from any sources on the internet. There are websites which provide driver’s file to be installed on your PC. You can get it from the CD when the first time you bought the PC, but usually, it was an old version of the driver. It will be better if you search the driver by online, for example, printer driver you can get it again from Epson Driver Download.