Play With Baby Tattletail Without Disturbing Mama Tattletail

Do you need a virtual pet? Basically, you do not an only virtual pet that will be raised and played around. There must be something different on it. Tattletail is kind of this game. You can easily find the Tattletail free download link and install it on devices. It is a little bit different from another kind of virtual pet since you have a mission to collect the eggs. If you are failed, so you will be killed out. On the other hand, there will be a prize as usual if you are collecting all the missions well.

Tattletail Background Information

As mentioned before, you can find the Tattletail free download link easily since it is kind of popular game. For your information, this game is developed by Waygetter Electronics and published by Little Flag Software. Although it is kind of virtual pet, Tattletail’s genre is survival horror. It was published firstly on December 2016 and becomes more popular recently. So far, this game already has 2 updates Anda can find on http://gamesena.com.

How To Play Tattletail

After getting Tattletail free download link and installed it on your device, you need to know the basic rule of this Tattletail. Basically, it is easy to play. It is divided into sometimes. For the first day, you will play with the Baby Tattletail then you need to find the hidden eggs. For the next night, you will find another Baby Tattletail but you have to be aware to make sure that it will not wake the Mama Tattletail. Until the Christmas Eve, you will be in a party but there will be more missions. Then, you have to find rest of eggs that have not be found and clear the mission well. If you are failed, so you will be killed by Mama Tattletail. In contrast, you will get the prize if you are a success.