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Poor Handling of Cancer in Developing Country

The threat of cancer in Indonesia is increasing along with changes in people’s lifestyles. The highest cancer that occurs in women is breast cancer and cervical cancer, whereas in men the highest is lung cancer and colorectal cancer. An estimated number of cancer incidence in the world is increasing 300 percent by 2030. The majority occur in developing countries including Indonesia.

The Main Problem of Handling Cancer in Indonesia

The biggest obstacle in Indonesia in dealing with cancer is the absence of research and the lack of specialist oncologist surgeons. In addition, the large number of Indonesian populations should also not be a problem, as countries with large populations such as India and China can also handle this problem well. Limited medical personnel who master the field, also inhibits service for cancer patients. Early handling becomes more difficult with such conditions.

Currently, there are no 200 oncology surgeons in Indonesia. In one hospital alone a day can handle up to 40 patients. Sadly, from 20 years ago, it never shifted from 60-70 percent with advanced status.

Meanwhile, according to some psychologists, cancer patients in Indonesia are still lacking support, motivation, and moral support to be more optimistic. As a result, many patients feel desperate once diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, people also need to be educated in order to provide moral support to other people who have cancer. This can trigger the growth of life spirits for cancer patients, so the possibility of healing for those suffering from cancer can increase.

Psychological factors also greatly affect the healing process of a disease, including cancer. Although cancer is fairly difficult to cure and handle, but with the spirit to heal from the patient itself, the disease can be defeated which can increase life expectancy. The spirit itself can arise from the support of the people around the patient.