Health Guide

Proper Diet For People With Cancer

Foods play an important role in the healing process of a cancer patient. The function of the foods is to fight against the cancer cells and to increase the patient’s quality of life. They have to eat more than other people and follow the appropriate dietary guide. Fewer sugar foods are good for people with cancer. In addition, the foods also have to contain a lot of protein and fat. The cancer cells need the glucose to grow, then the cancer cells will take their glucose needs from the body of their host. That is why people with cancer should avoid consuming too much sugar or glucose and add more protein and fat to their menu to help their body to grow muscles.

How Much Nutrition They Need

Medical research shows that the daily needs of the cancer patient are 50 percent higher than normal people do. It is measured in 23/30 calorie per kilograms’ weight. They save to fulfill 40 percent of the unsaturated fat and protein supply as much as 1.5 grams per kilograms’ weight. It also should be completed with enough supply of water, vitamins, and minerals.

As it is stated earlier that cancer patients have more caloric needs than ordinary people do. This is because the cancer cells will drain the energy of the host that will directly affect the patient’s physical condition. Loss of appetite or the effects of cancer treatment should not be a reason for cancer patients not to get enough daily intakes they need. There are many ways to feed cancer patients. The most common is, of course, oral feeding and this should meet the number of their daily needs. If cancer patients cannot eat, or can only eat as much as 60 percent of their daily needs, either enteral or parenteral methods can be a solution.