Rattan – The Indonesian Biggest Export Commodities

Indonesia, one of the tropical countries in the world, is gifted with its rich natural sources. The country has several unique floras. One of them is rattan, a palm family, which is mostly produced into rattan Indonesia furniture and another interior to exterior accessories. Indonesia has numerous exporters that not only export raw material but also providing ready-to-use items.

Indonesia’s Role In Providing World’s Rattan Supply

Speaking of which, Indonesia has also played a big role in providing world’s rattan supply. As a country with widest rattan plantation, Indonesia supplies rattan over 70% of global demand. Therefore, it is no wonder that many countries depend on Indonesia for its rattan production. Indonesia has 3 main roles in the global market.

  1. Supplier

The first role is being the biggest rattan supplier. As we have discussed before, Indonesia has long been the world’s biggest raw rattan supplier. Raw rattan is exported to some countries in Asia and Europe and further manufactured in the countries.

  1. Producer

Secondly, rattan Indonesia furniture is also popular in international market. Indonesia has a lot of rattan manufacturers across the country. Not only in the island that rattan grows, are other islands also developing the industry to cover domestic and global needs? Indonesian furniture has its uniqueness in term of design that successfully attracts many customers.

  1. Exporter

Manufacturers are not only producing items to be distributed locally but also exported to several countries. Mostly, rattan furniture is exported to some Asian countries such as Vietnam and Japan. Europe is also the biggest market for the product.

With the popularity of Indonesian rattan products, such business has survived for long period of time. Despite the fluctuated market, the demand for such product remains high most of the time. If you are curious about it, you can visit and take a look at their unique rattan products.