Share Your Experience In Kroger Retail To Win Prizes

Users who are not familiar with Krogerfeedback may keep questioning the urgency of joining the program. Either you are loyal shoppers or simply casual buyers shouldn’t you miss the offer that the store gives to you. The chances are coming regularly and frequently; you will regret how big reward that you can get from the participating in the survey.

How To Start The Survey?

If you are curious to join with other thousands US citizen on the survey, here some points you can do.

  1. Visit com and fill out the date, time, and ID of visit stated on the receipt.
  2. Hit the start button and draw the 50 fuel point reward by verifying the store’s address.
  3. Answer the question regarding the store that you visited.
  4. Rate any given question regarding stock, hospitality, price, hygiene and many more.
  5. Fill your personal information at the end of the survey.

There will be a lot more questions that you need to answer for each department. Bakery and pharmacy are some departments besides grocery that requires comment. You should voluntarily respond on the comment box. Take your time to answer all the inquiries.

Get Your Reward

In the process of filling out inquiries, you will get the chance to obtain 2 rewards. They are the instant reward and the grand prize reward. You may also get giveaway that the store offers on the survey. It could be occasional yet a very good option to go. You will get a notification if you are chosen to be the winner.

Those are brief guides to participate in Krogerfeedback survey. You have a great chance to win grocery gift cards with a great deal of amount. Besides, you can earn fuel points or even a giveaway product. Do not miss any of these offers if you are proven eligible for the survey.