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The Nutrition Of Fried Banana

Most people know what kind of nutrition in a banana. Besides helping our digestion, banana has a lot of potassium contents to protect our blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain beat staying in a normal way. For the detail, visit bananavitamins to get more information. As we can see in our real life, so many creations come from the banana. People use a banana to create a new variant of food.

Fried Banana, Is It Healthy?

A lot of banana creations had been made recently, one of them is fried banana. Whether the culture of Indonesian usually fries anything to become a new food or not, but it worked. This kind of food is very popular for Indonesian. So, there is a question about this, do we get the nutrition eating a fried banana?

Health expert mentioned that even fried banana has a good taste, banana which is fried by mixing flour, sugar, and oil causes a problem with too much fat in it. Consuming one piece of fried banana, we can get 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, and 49 milligrams cholesterol. This means by eating a piece of fried banana, it gave you 5% of saturated fat which can be increasing cholesterol in our body, inspired from

Not only bad saturated fat, fried banana also has high-level calories. There are 198 calories in a fried banana, which is almost two times higher than calories in a fresh banana. Consuming too many fried bananas can also increase your weight.

Based on this fact, we can conclude that fried banana is not a healthy food and can be a “boomerang” for ourselves if we consume too many of them. If we want to get a maximum advantage, it is better to eat a fresh banana without any combination. Check the website bananavitamins to get detail information about what is a banana.