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Things to Do to Avoid Cold and Flu

Cold and flu typically will come when it is in cool weather. However, this condition will appear any time when your metabolism at ease. There are some conditions that will trigger you to catch a cold and flu. Dirt, bacteria, and virus are everywhere. They are the bad causes of your cold and flu. However, this condition can be avoided. There are some ways to maintain your metabolism.

How to Avoid Cold and Flu

There are some ways and habits which will make any bacteria, virus, or dirt will not come to you. Here are the best habits that can be done to avoid bacteria and virus from cold and flu:

  • Always Wash Your Hands After Shaking Hands

As mentioned before, dirt and bacteria are everywhere. There will be a chance that someone else’s bring bacteria to you. If you are in good condition with strong metabolism, so it will be nothing. However, it will become a disaster when you are on low metabolism. To avoid this situation, you can wash your hand every time after you shake hands with others.


  • Watch Your Hands

Besides from other people, dirt and bacteria also can come from yourself. Hands are the high side of your body where the bacteria most are. That is why you need to stop to touch your face, especially nose with your hand. It will avoid any bacteria to go far into your body.


  • Get Enough Sleep

For the most important thing, sleep is the best medicine for you. You have to maintain your metabolism by resting your body. You cannot take a whole day for work, so you need to take enough sleep.


  • Take Healthy Foods

Healthy foods are the best supplement for you. You can increase your metabolism as long as you have enough minerals and vitamins.