Top 5 Tourism Destinations In Eastern Indonesia

It is almost every side of Indonesia destined to be great. Not only about the popular islands like Lombok and Bali, Indonesia always has many newcomers to their tourism sites. Eastern Indonesia is the other part of Indonesia that you have to try while traveling to Indonesia. You can find many great places there and enjoy your traveling in the peaceful nature.

Best 5 Destinations Of Tourism In Eastern Indonesia

When you are exploring Indonesia and want to visit the eastern side of Indonesia, make sure to make a list of some favorite places to go. As there are many destinations when you are traveling to Indonesia, especially to the eastern side, you can try the following 5 great destinations there.

  • Raja Ampat Islands

When it comes to Eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat Islands already becomes the iconic sites to visit. It is a small archipelago contains 4 main islands with the great natural scenery. The lands are so green while the beaches are very pure. You even can enjoy diving there.

  • Banda Neira

Banda Neira belongs to Banda islands and contains some small islands. Those small islands are Rhon Islands, Malaika Island, and Hatta Island. You can find the beautiful white sand and beaches there. You also can have great scenery of Banda Api volcano.

  • Ternate

In Ternate, you also can experience the great beach. However, what makes it differs from the other is that you can enjoy the beach from Gamalama Mountain there.

  • Kei Island

In Kei Island, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling. You also can find some habitat of Australian Pelicans there.

  • Togean

Becomes the part of Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi, Togean is the home of coral reefs and even becomes the national park. You also can see Olive Ridley Turtle in its natural habitat.

Those top 5 destinations in Eastern Indonesia are such a great place to visit. Find more interesting sites thereby accessing