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What To Do For New Moms

Every mother must crave the birth of a baby. And after they give a birth of a baby, they must be breastfeeding the baby. However, some mothers are facing problems in breastfeeding their babies because they have to encounter some problems like their milk does not pump out. If this happens, they should give their babies another nutrition input by formula feeding using formula milk in a glass baby bottle.

Breastfeeding Vs Formula Feeding

Formula feeding is actually good, but it should follow some rules to get the babies keep healthy. The formula milk is created as possible to become or contain nutrition similar to breast milk. To feed the baby using formula milk should be done carefully.

The milk formula for babies this should be given according to the dose measured by the age of the babies. The doses should never be reduced or added since there are medical consequences that will appear. This milk does is usually listed on the milk packaging.

However, the dose is not always the right standard. Therefore, the need of each baby is usually different. Thus, it is recommended to consult with the pediatrician before giving your baby formula feeding.

Besides, the formula milk is made externally, which is tended to be more vulnerable to bacteria. Thus, moms should keep the place clean. This is important to prevent the growth of bacteria. The formula milk exposed too long in the open air can trigger the bacteria to grow up. Thus, keep the milk container safe by closing its lid.

In addition, the bottle used to hold the milk also needs a nice treatment. The bottle should be cleaned after usage. Also, use a food grade cleaning liquid for the bottle. It will be better if moms use the ones created for babies. The bottle material should also be a consideration. For baby bottle references, you can visit