What To Prepare For Hello Neighbor Alpha 1?

Game hello neighbor alpha 1 download is favorable among the horror game enthusiasts. It goes around the suspicious neighbor who hides chilling secret in his basement. During playing the game, you will be invited to explore the house with locked rooms and bolted doors. You will also find surprises that you may not expect will be there to greet you.

Detailed System Requirements

To enjoy all those excitement, the developer puts specific system requirements. You need to make sure that your PC has all those specifications. The following are the system requirements you need to know.

  • Operating System

First thing first, you must have installed at least Windows7 64-bit and up. The latest Windows version will work better for the game. If you have Windows8 installed in your system, it will better. You may need to play it in the lowest graphics display with the presence of DirectX12.

  • Processors

Secondly, your PC should have at least i5 Intel processor. Otherwise, you may use another processor that covers the ability of core i5. A better processor such as core i7 or equal will be better to support the hello neighbor alpha 1 download.

  • Memory and Storage

Another requirement will ask you to provide at least 6 GB RAM. Besides, you need at least 2 GB free disk system space. This amount of storage will give enough room for the program to run smoothly.

  • Graphics Card

The most importantly, to get crystal clear display, you must install an additional graphics card in your PC. VGA card such as GeForce GTX770 series or up will help the game run well.

Those are the main system requirements you need to have an install on your PC. There is also some other specification that can help it work optimally. The stereo sound card is needed to enhance the game’s sound effect. At last, you can get the game for free in