Health Guide

Your Best Way To Do Jogging

Jogging a recommended way to keep your body healthy. This kind of light sport can help you to keep everything in your body balanced because this is not a real sport that forces you to drain your stamina. Commonly, people do jogging in the morning at 5-8 AM and afternoon at 4-6 PM. Those time are the best time for you who want to do jogging. You can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany your jogging time, and this will be a great moment for both of you.

Even jogging is a simple sport for everyone, you have to pay more attention to do this activity. Because sometimes you can get some obstacles during your jogging, such as fatigue, have cramps, or a headache if you do carelessly jogging. So, it is important for you who don’t want such things happened.

Tips For Your Jogging

  1. Warming Up

Slowly doing warming up can increase your heartbeat, and that is a good signal that your body can receive more activity. Before starting to run, you can take a fast walk for several minutes.

  1. Manage Your Speed

Don’t force yourself to run fast and faster. This kind of sport is concentrating on your breath, if your breath started to be heavy, reduce your running speed. On two steps take a nose inhale, then on your next two steps take a mouth exhale. This is important for your breath, so you can manage your stamina and avoid a pain in stomach.

  1. Running-Walking Method

Continuously running might be hard for you. Therefore, you can rest yourself and charge your stamina by walking in the middle of your jogging time. If you feel tired of running, take a walk for a half of your running distance. This is a good way to keep your stamina balanced.